Group Hiking Etiquette - While hiking, please follow the leader, keep the person ahead of you in sight, carry water and lunch, wear sturdy footgear. Restrict cellphone use to emergencies only. Remember that the woods are for all to enjoy - collect no souvenirs or plants, take home all trash, and leave nothing but footprints. For more information, please click here.

Guests are welcome to give our hikes a try before joining the club, but are encouraged to become members after attending a hike or two. We are a volunteer organization and value your participation. For more information and a membership application, see our Join/Contact page.

Hike Ratings - Ratings are based on terrain (mileage is indicated in the hike description). An easy hike has relatively flat terrain or gentle hills. A moderate hike has steeper grades, possibly going up and down all day, and may involve some bushwhacking or short rock scrambles (like much of Harriman Park). A strenuous hike has steep ascents, often with rough terrain on much of the hike (like most Schunemunk trails, Breakneck Ridge, etc.). These ratings apply during good weather. Bad weather may lead to poor footing and increase the difficulty of any hike.

What to Know Before You Go - Hiking boots and sufficient drinking water (1-2 liters) are required on all hikes. A trail lunch should be carried unless otherwise indicated. Hikers with improper footwear, without sufficient water, or who are otherwise unprepared, may be refused by the leader. Please do not bring your dog on a hike unless it is listed as "dog friendly". New hikers: please contact the leader in advance of the hike; all hikers: please choose an outing that is within your abilities. Check with the leader if you have questions about pace, terrain, or any other aspect of the hike. If you register for a hike but can't attend, please notify the leader as soon as possible; if you are registering for more than one person, please tell the leader who else is attending. All who participate in the activities of Westchester Trails Association do so at their own risk.

 Westchester Trails Association

Hikes - Day hikes of varying levels of difficulty are held every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. Most hikes are in nearby locations in Westchester county parks and preserves and in New York state parks including Harriman, Fahnestock, Storm King/Black Rock and other popular destinations. There are also hikes to other nearby areas, such as northern New Jersey, Connecticut, or wherever our volunteer leaders know an interesting route.

For details about the hikes, check out our Summer  and Fall hiking schedules. As part of our 100th anniversary celebration we're featuring a few hikes each quarter based on past outings, designated in the schedules with WTA's diamond logo. The historical detail for our Fall hikes can be found on our History Hike page.