WTA Welcomes its New Members: Doris Blasi, Brigitte Bedell. Lois Bruu, Elena Camaj, Jaime Carter- Lopez, Maura Curry, Stephanie Drew, Steven Fondiller, Timothy Garrand,  Marie Gelin, Nikolina Gelmanovski, Bernadette Goovaerts, Andrew Keegan, Jackie Krauss, Marcia Lange, Alison Lerman, Gregg Lerman, Irene Logan, Reena Mancuso, Carol Meyers, Jennifer Mone, Lewis Ports, Rosanna Romagnano, Howard Rosen, Anne Ruth, Al Sebastian, Pat Simmermacher, Maura Smotrich, Maria Vargas, Matthew  Walther, M.P. White, Yael Weiss, Susan Wiley, Helen Wong, Bart Worden.

And Welcome Back: Mindy Chanaud. Jennifer Clemens, Kathleen Clemens, Susan Feinstein, Anna Goldowsky, Cynthia Taylor.

Summer Hiking Tips. Use sunscreen. Wear a hat with a brim, and synthetic base layers to wick moisture away from your body. Bring a wool sweater, fleece jacket or similar item to put on if temperatures drop. Never wear cotton - it retains moisture and contributes to hypothermia. Heavy exertion in hot or humid weather requires plenty of water. Drink frequently - if you wait till you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Replenish electrolytes with potassium rich food and salty snacks. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in summer. If you hear thunder, descend to lower terrain and seek shelter in a low stand of trees, avoiding high points, single trees, or other lone objects. Remember - “take it slow” and enjoy the season’s gifts.

Board Election Results. The following officers and board members were unanimously re-elected at our annual meeting held in June at Westmoreland Sanctuary: Officers: President: Sheila Sarkar; Vice President: Lauren Linkowski; Secretary: Catharine Raffaele; Treasurer: Mike Doehring. Board Members elected for two year terms are: Gail Blumenfeld, Cynthia Moro and Carol Pamm. Mike Kaplan, Steve Klepner and Elspeth Kramer, who have one year remaining on their terms, will continue on the board. Thank you to all of our volunteer officers and board members, and to our Nominating Committee (Carolyn Hoffman, Debbie Farrell and Sue Soni), for their hard work on behalf of the club!

Our Spring Dinner at the Casa Rina Restaurant this April was truly enjoyable! 28 people gathered to socialize with friends old and new. We were treated to a talk by Jason Klein, Director of Conservation for the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, who spoke about biodiversity in Westchester County; we enjoyed good food and good company; and we’re looking forward to next year’s gathering.

                                                       Have a most enjoyable summer. See you on the trail!

Join WTA in completing the Westchester 100, a project inspired by the "Walkable Westchester" book written by Jane and Walt Daniels. The book has been an invaluable resource for hiking in our home county, and the most recent (third) edition details more than 635 miles of trails in over 200 parks, preserves and sanctuaries.

We launched our Westchester 100 project in the fall of 2009 when the first edition was published, listing local hiking areas and trails that featured 91 “regular” hikes and 18 “half hikes” throughout the county. Those who complete the challenge (either with our club or on their own) are rewarded with a certificate, a patch, and unlimited bragging rights.

To see our updated Westchester 100 list, please click here. We invite you to join us in exploring the many places to walk or hike that Westchester County has to offer.

 Westchester Trails Association