On September 23rd WTA celebrated its 100th anniversary!

We were honored with a Proclamation from the Westchester County Legislature declaring it to be “Westchester Trails Association Day”, and we saw our name in lights on the County Center’s “Jumbotron”.

WTA Welcomes its New Members: Loretta Burke, Christine Ciofolo, Jeff Cole, Asha Gupta, Barbara Judge, Sandra Juliano, Simone Lewis, Daniel MacEachron, Devon MacEachron, Tony Piscitello, Mike Piston, Caroline Reddy, Karen Robilotta, Craig Safian, Lauren Safian, Anastasia Tavarez.

And Welcome Back: Carolyn Hollingsworth.

...played hiking themed games and awarded prizes...

...and shared photos and memories of  our  WTA adventures.

Feasted on cake...

                                                       Have a most enjoyable winter. See you on the trail!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WTA!  We’re looking forward to the next 100 years!

Winter Hiking Tips: Dress in layers so you can add and remove items as your exertion levels change. Wear a synthetic base layer like polyester or nylon to wick moisture away from your skin; one or more middle layers of fleece or wool; and an insulated outer layer to protect you from rain, wind and snow. Wear a fleece or wool hat and fleece, wool or insulated gloves or mittens. Wool or wool blend socks are great insulators, even when wet; wear them over synthetic liners for wicking. Leave the cotton clothing home - cotton retains moisture and contributes to hypothermia. Bring plenty of food and water and a hot beverage to warm you. Be sure to keep traction aids in your pack in case you need them, and remember that snow and ice on the ground increases the difficulty of any hike. Having said all that...winter hiking can be lots of fun as long as you’re prepared for the weather!

It was raining outside, but the mood inside was joyful. We enjoyed good food and good company...

 Westchester Trails Association

NY State Senator Pete Harckham presented a Proclamation to us, recognizing the club’s “exemplary service to the community”.

Congratulations to Gail Blumenfeld, who recently completed all of the hikes on our Westchester 100 list. Gail is only the 12th person to join our list of finishers, so she’s in very elite company! Gail told us that she did many of the listed trails on WTA hikes, but she also explored others in the southern part of the county on her own. She especially liked hiking in the Pound Ridge and Irvington areas, and urged others to take on the Westchester 100 challenge!

Join WTA in completing the Westchester 100, a project inspired by the "Walkable Westchester" book written by Jane and Walt Daniels. The book has been an invaluable resource for hiking in our home county, and the most recent (third) edition details more than 635 miles of trails in over 200 parks, preserves and sanctuaries.

We launched our Westchester 100 project in the fall of 2009, shortly after the first edition of the book was published, by compiling a list of local hiking areas and trails featuring 91 “regular” hikes and 18 “half hikes” throughout the county. Since then we've sponsored guided hikes to all the places on the list, with those who complete the challenge (either with our club or on their own) being rewarded with a certificate, a patch, and unlimited bragging rights.

To see our updated Westchester 100 list, please click here. We invite you to join us in exploring the many places to walk or hike that Westchester County has to offer.