Westchester Trails Association

WTA Welcomes its New Members: Joan Billows, Stephen Bobolia, Aaron Bock, Robert Brum, Kay Cynamon, Rose Fishbeirt Brum, Robin Bucholz, Jean Burg, Mike Cirio, Rosanna Cirio, Brian Crowley, Kathleen Dowling, JoAnn Fusik, Phyllis Graham, Barbara Kingsborough, Carol Lehrer, Carmela Menta, Joe Menta, Janice Miller, Sheela Moorthy, Arlene Reisman, Carmelo Romano, Linda Rousseau, Fran Silverman, Ashok Soni, Darryl Strutton, Rebecca Strutton, Samantha Thomas, Glenny Valoy, Bruce Wells, Mary Whittemore, Danielle Yeow, Jody Zylke.

And Welcome Back: Cristina Fagan, Karen Johnson and Joyce Morrone.

Spring Hiking Tips.  If you’re getting back into hiking after a winter’s rest, start with shorter and easier hikes until you feel in shape for something more strenuous. Be aware of seasonal conditions - melting snow and spring rains mean muddy trails and swollen streams. Give your boots a good waterproof treatment, and consider wearing gaiters. To avoid eroding muddy trails, look for established routes in sunny areas, on rocky surfaces, or with well-drained soils. If you find yourself on a muddy stretch of trail, don’t walk off-trail to avoid it - that will only increase erosion. Use common sense when encountering a swollen stream. Poles or sticks will help with balance, and wet feet can easily be tended to with a fresh pair of socks, but fast running water can also be dangerous. If you don’t feel that you can safely cross a stream, turn back.

It's our 100th Anniversary! WTA is celebrating its centennial in 2023! Each quarter we'll be featuring some "history hikes," inspired by outings from schedules past (see our "Hikes" page for details); we've compiled an Anniversary Booklet which has some great photos and lots of information about the club's history which you can see by clicking here; and there are many other exciting things in store, so stay tuned!

Our Covid vaccination policy has been modified. It's been three years since the start of the pandemic. While the CDC continues to strongly recommend that people get vaccinated and boosted for their own protection, we now know that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can transmit the virus. Meanwhile, almost all venues - including indoor ones - are open to everyone regardless of vaccination status. With hiking being a relatively uncrowded outdoor activity we are no longer requiring that all participants be vaccinated on every hike. Instead, beginning with the Spring schedule, each leader will make that decision for his or her own outing, and if vaccination is required the description will say so. This change does not affect indoor events or other large gatherings such as our Hiking Week, which continue to be limited to vaccinated people only. And our other Covid policies, such as requiring masks during carpools and where social distancing cannot be maintained, remain in effect. For details, please see the full Covid-19 policy listed in the Spring Hiking Schedule.

Join WTA in completing the Westchester 100, a project inspired by the "Walkable Westchester" book written by Jane and Walt Daniels. The book has been an invaluable resource for hiking in our home county, and the most recent (third) edition details more than 635 miles of trails in over 200 parks, preserves and sanctuaries.

We launched our Westchester 100 project in the fall of 2009, shortly after the first edition of the book was published, by compiling a list of local hiking areas and trails featuring 91 “regular” hikes and 18 “half hikes” throughout the county. Since then we've sponsored guided hikes to all the places on the list, with those who complete the challenge (either with our club or on their own) being rewarded with a certificate, a patch, and unlimited bragging rights.

To see our updated Westchester 100 list, please click here. We invite you to join us in exploring the many places to walk or hike that Westchester County has to offer.

                                                       Have a most enjoyable spring. See you on the trail!