Annual Meeting Results. Our annual meeting was held on June 11 at the Westmoreland Sanctuary, with election of officers and open seats for the board. Here are the results:

Officers: President: Debbie Farrell; Vice President: Minu Chaudhuri; Secretary: Catharine Raffaele; Treasurer: Mike Doehring. Board Members: Term exp. 2018: Art Adelman, Alice Benash and Carolyn Hoffman; term exp. 2019: Diana Catz, Steve Klepner and Joe Rodriguez.

A Big Thank You to all of our committee chairs, hike leaders, trail maintainers and other volunteers who have worked over the past year to help make WTA a better organization: Hospitality Committee: Nancy Vincent and Ann Sheridan.     Mailing Committee: Carolyn Hoffman and Minu Chaudhuri. Membership Chair: Catharine Raffaele. Schedule/Hike Coordinator: Eileen West. Nominating Committee: Sue Soni (chair), Toby Garfinkel, Lisa Weismiller, Leba Wise. Trail Conference Delegate and Alternate: George O’Lear and Debbie Farrell. Trails Committee Co-Chairs: Joe Rodriguez and Ben Yoo. New Member Welcome Committee: Art Adelman. On-Line Presence: Facebook: Catharine Raffaele. Website: Eileen West. Yahoo Group: Will and Catharine Raffaele        

Hike Leaders: Art Adelman, Alice Benash, Elena Burova, Ellie Carren, Diana Catz, Minu Chaudhuri, Asha Chauhan, Jane and Walt Daniels, Debbie Farrell, Bob Fiscina, Toby Garfinkel, Carol Harting, Judy Hirshman, Herb Hochberg, Carolyn Hoffman, Mike Kaplan, Steve Klepner, Elspeth Kramer, Frank Lee, Barry Liebowitz, Marvin Malater, Leslie Millman, Howard Millman, Marvin Pasternak, Josephine Pierri, Catharine Raffaele, Jane Restani, Steve Singlak, Jane Smalley, Sue Soni, Nancy Vincent, Eileen West, Lillian Wolfe-Brown. And ADK leaders who have contributed to our schedule: Dod Chahroudi, Sarah Davis, Jean Dolen, Carole Ehleben, Rosanne Schepis.

Trail Maintainers: Asha Chauhan, Mike Doehring, Cathy Garcia, Michael Golden, Herb Hochberg, Carolyn Hoffman, Karen Krautheim, Kevin McGahren, Joe Rodriguez, Susan Stern, Benny Turner, Kikuko Turner, Jeanne Vezina, Helen Wu, Ben Yoo, Borno Zaman.

A Special Thank You to Herb Hochberg, who recently retired as Trails Committee Co-Chair. Herb served as chair of the committee from 1977 to 1982, resigned when he got too busy at his “real” job, and took up the mantle again in 2008 after he retired from his income-producing employment. The incoming Trails Co-Chair is Joe Rodriguez, a long-time maintainer for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. Herb says “it takes a peculiar type of zealot to do the job well”, so welcome to the job, Joe - we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Berkshire Delight. Our annual Hiking Week is a club tradition that began with yearly trips to the Berkshires in northern Massachusetts, and then branched out to other destinations. We've been to the Catskills, the Delaware Water Gap, Shenendoah and Acadia National Parks and elsewhere, and we decided that it was time to return to the Berkshires for our 2017 Hiking Week. Thirty-nine people joined us in Williamstown, MA in May. We hiked to the summit of Mount Greylock, explored sections of the Appalachian Trail near Dalton and Cheshire, visited local trails and preserves including the Hopkins Memorial Forest, Field Farm, the Pine Cobble and Natural Bridge State Park, and ventured further afield to climb Mt. Equinox in Manchester, VT and check out the trails and sculptures at the Southern Vermont Art Center. There was good food, good hiking and good friendship, and now that we're back we're planning next year's trip - this time to a more distant location.

WTA Welcomes its New Members: Matilde Abate, Qui Qui Balascio, Ann Brown, Cathy Brown, Sandra Celanti, Kathy Cody, John Cruz, Mana Dejhalla, Abraham Suresh Ellickan, Robert Friedman, Joan Indusi, Jody Keltz, John Kozma, Lauren Lyons, Rebecca Pressman, Luanne Sforza, Rita Walton.

And Welcome Back: Mike Jablonski, Sarah Kelsey, Vivian Odorizzi, Bernice Simmons.

Have a most enjoyable autumn. See you on the trail!

Join WTA in completing the Westchester 100, a project inspired by the publication of the "Walkable Westchester" book written by WTA members Jane and Walt Daniels.

When the first edition of the book was published, we compiled a list of 100 local hiking areas and trails and have been sponsoring guided hikes to these locations since the fall of 2009. The book has been an invaluable resource for hiking in our home county, describing over 180 parks and about 600 miles of trail. The second edition, which came out in April of 2014, added another 26 places to walk or hike and 42 more miles of trail to its inventory. To incorporate the updates contained in the second edition, we revised our Westchester 100 List, which now includes several of the newly referenced locations.

To see our updated Westchester 100 list, please click here. We invite you to join us in exploring the many places to walk or hike that Westchester County has to offer.

Fall Hiking Tips.  Fall is hunting season - wear bright orange when hiking in areas where hunting is allowed. Make plenty of noise to alert hunters and wildlife to your presence. Dress for the weather - warm days can turn brisk and chilly towards evening. Bring a windbreaker, and a wool or fleece top or sweater to wear under it. Toss a pair of gloves and a hat in your pack just in case. Falling leaves are beautiful but they mask rocks, roots and nuts that can make you trip or slip, so as you take in the colors around you keep an eye on the ground as well. This is the season to observe nature’s glorious display - enjoy every moment of it.

 Westchester Trails Association