WTA Welcomes its New Members: Debra Allen, Ann Marie Annunziato, Lois Baldwin, Janis Biermann, Athena Dratelis, Elisabeth Gartman, Liz Gould, Diane Heiman, Ellen Jorgensen, Aruna Kumaresan, Jacob Kumaresan, Carolyn May, Mark Montague, Floriane Prugnat, Marilyn Rabetz, Ryan Weyls.

And Welcome Back: Elspeth Kramer and Jagdish Mistry.

A 100th Birthday Hike! Ellie Carren, longtime WTA member and hike leader, celebrated her 100th birthday by leading a hike on the Old Croton Aqueduct. The walk, a 5 mile round trip, went from Memorial Park in Irvington to the Keepers House in Dobbs Ferry and back. About 40 of Ellie’s family, hike participants and friends received a hearty welcome at the Keepers House, had lunch on the porch, and returned to Memorial Park for a birthday dessert. Ellie was radiant that day - a better advertisement for hiking than Ellie at 100 does not exist!

 Westchester Trails Association

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                                                       Have a most enjoyable summer. See you on the trail!

Each year we host a Hiking Week to a more distant location, and for this year's adventure we went to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and then stopped for a few days at the Delaware Water Gap on the way back. While in Harpers Ferry we hiked on the Appalachian and other trails in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, visited the historical center of town, explored rocky outcrops on the ridges and in fields of battle from the Civil War, and strolled on paths near the C&O Canal and on the shores of nearby Virginius Island. At the Delaware Water Gap we hiked on trails along and above the Gap and enjoyed lots of other activities, including fishing, archery lessons, golf cart tours, and nightly campfires with s’mores. Here are some photos from the trip (you’ll find more on our Facebook page):

Summer Hiking Tips. Use sunscreen. Wear a hat with a brim, and synthetic base layers to wick moisture away from your body. Bring a wool sweater, fleece jacket or similar item to put on if temperatures drop. Never wear cotton - it retains moisture and contributes to hypothermia. Heavy exertion in hot or humid weather requires plenty of water. Drink frequently - if you wait till you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Replenish electrolytes with potassium rich food and salty snacks. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in summer. If you hear thunder, descend to lower terrain and seek shelter in a low stand of trees, avoiding high points, single trees, or other lone objects. Remember - “take it slow” and enjoy the season’s gifts.

Join WTA in completing the Westchester 100, a project inspired by the publication of the "Walkable Westchester" book by Jane and Walt Daniels. The book has been an invaluable resource for hiking in our home county, and the newly released third edition now describes more than 635 miles of trails in over 200 parks, preserves and sanctuaries.

We launched our Westchester 100 project in the fall of 2009, shortly after the first edition of the book was published. It consists of a list of local hiking areas and trails featuring 91 “regular” hikes and 18 “half hikes” throughout the county. We've been sponsoring guided hikes to the locations on the list since its inception, with those who complete the list (either on our hikes or on their own) being rewarded with a certificate, a patch, and unlimited bragging rights.

To see our updated Westchester 100 list, please click here. We invite you to join us in exploring the many places to walk or hike that Westchester County has to offer.